Sunday, January 1, 2012

Great job!

Where's my Chippy?

I love Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job so damn much I had to draw this:

Come see it as part of the [adult swim] show opening January 13 at Gallery1988 LA!

8x18" limited edition signed prints will be available through the gallery!
Contact me for other sizes and considerations.


Anonymous said...

please tell me you have a wallpaper-sized version.

The Boxing Tarantula said...

I'd love to get a print of this, but don't live in LA. Hopefully one of these chippies will find its way into my loving hands.

Team Secret Falcon said...

you are good. have it all.

Anonymous said...

Tried to share this blog/picture/link (tried multiple ways) on facebook. Told me it was flagged offensive >.>

Anonymous said...

I 2nd the call for a hi-res wallpaper version please and thank you