Thursday, July 29, 2010

bye bye billy.

the second piece for the GGG show at gallery 1988: i hope all you angelenos will be attending?

i had never seen gremlins all the way though until i started working on this project.
after being scared to death of the vhs at a sleepover in fourth grade, i never ever wanted to see it again.
actually: it's pretty hilarious! i kind of can't believe that it was a christmas movie.
so here's baby stripe.... he might look cute and cuddly, but the moment where he leans forward and gives gizmo the "im gonna get you look" in this scene, that's it: you know he's born bad to the bone.

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Juan Bauty said...

Gremlins and Goonies was my childhood fave movies. Well, Gremlins was a summer movie, actually, was released in june! :-D incredible but true.